3. Developer Tools

ROS 2 provides several development tools for debugging, logging, visualization, introspection, simulation, etc. Vulcanexus adds to ROS 2 toolset the following tools:

  • ROS 2 QoS Profiles Manager: tool suite to generate XML configuration files for Vulcanexus middleware Fast DDS.

  • ROS 2 Monitor: graphical desktop application to monitor ROS 2 communications.

  • Fast DDS Statistics Backend: ROS 2 Monitor’s backend. Can be leveraged with other monitoring frontend applications (e.g. Prometheus).

  • ROS 2 Shapes Demo: first demo application to understand the most used ROS 2 Quality of Service (QoS) and test DDS and ROS 2 communication.

  • ROS 2 Router: end-user software application enabling the connection of distributed ROS 2 environments.

  • ROS 2 Record & Replay: end-user software applications that efficiently save messages published in a ROS 2 environment and playback these messages in the order in which they were recorded.

  • Fast DDS Spy: CLI interactive tool that allows the introspection of a ROS 2 environment in a human readable format.

  • Webots: open-source three-dimensional mobile robot simulator.


This documentation provides several tutorials showcasing the capabilities and advantages of Vulcanexus