2. Vulcanexus Releases

Vulcanexus maintains several releases with different support cycles. Each year, a new Vulcanexus major version is released. This major versions have a code name composed of an adjective and the name of a volcano, both starting with the same letter, the first of them being Galactic Gamble (v1.0.0). Within the support period of any version, there can be both minor and patch releases that either add new functionalities in an ABI compatible way, or fix possible issues. Every other year, a long term release (LTS) is released, the first of them being the H version (May 2022). In between, LTSs a short term release is released which will receive support for a shorter period of time. The following table outlines the Vulcanexus releases and their support cycles:

Vulcanexus versions


Latest Version

Release Date

EOL Date

Humble Hierro


May 2022

May 2027

Galactic Gamble


May 2022

November 2022