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Vulcanexus is a ROS 2 (Robot Operating System) all-in-one tool set. It allows users to build robotics applications combining the unique Vulcanexus elements with the ROS 2 libraries, having Fast DDS as its fixed middleware implementation.

These open source elements include numerous features and tools, providing Vulcanexus users customizable solutions while improving overall system performance. With Vulcanexus, users have fast access to constantly improving functionalities, such as the latest Fast DDS version along with its new features.

Vulcanexus collection of downloadable packages are:

  1. VULCANEXUS-CORE: a set of software libraries that enables users to build the most comprehensive and straightforward robotics application. It consists of eProsima Fast DDS and ROS 2.

  2. VULCANEXUS-TOOLS: a set of features and applications which allows users to test, improve and configure the performance of Vulcanexus in their systems.

  3. VULCANEXUS-MICRO: provides access for resource constrained devices (micro-controllers) to the DDS world, bridging the gap between them and ROS 2.

  4. VULCANEXUS-CLOUD: scales and integrates ROS 2 networks located in geographically spaced environments, and enables the deployment of DDS entities in the cloud in a quick and easy way.

  5. VULCANEXUS-SIMULATION: enables users to design robotic simulations, providing an end-to-end development environment to model, program, and simulate robots.

  6. VULCANEXUS-BASE: includes within the same installation Vulcanexus tools, micro and cloud features.

  7. VULCANEXUS-DESKTOP: includes ROS 2 desktop installation as well as every available Vulcanexus package. It is the more complete Vulcanexus installation.

The table below shows the components included in every one of the previously explained packages:


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Structure of the documentation

The following documentation includes instructions for installing each Vulcanexus packages, Vulcanexus concepts including ROS 2 documentation, some tutorials that help users to get started, and the supported platforms and releases. This documentation is organized into the sections below.